BrushEX regular

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brushEx erasing brush, regular. 3 mm round tip, 10 ml content.

brushEX is an erasing brush for water-based colours on paper.
It can be used to create light effects on paintings and drawings.
Refill bottles available.

The brush pen can be refilled or used as a regular water tank brush.

Please test the paper first, as all papers are not suited for use with brushEX.
Paint over the area to be erased. Let the liquid take effect and watch as the text/colour disappears. After drying, the area can be written or painted over again.

The process can be repeated any number of times – but be careful, too much moisture can soften the paper or a yellowish stain forms. This yellowish stain can be removed by a second erasing process after it has completely dried off.

Please note that we will not ship brushEX’s via letter internationally!


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